Retail Me Not

My mom taught me to always look for sales and a bargain while shopping and to only pay full price if you absolutely have to.  Thanks mom!!! Because of this I've been able to save money on items that most people don't even realize.  I found this awesome website when I was wedding planning and I still use it today.  I will not buy anything online without checking to see if there is a coupon code at http://www.retailmenot.com/ before hand.  I even have Adam checking out the site before he buys stuff too!!!  My latest purchase utilizing Retail Me Not is the dog posters for the baby's room.  We were able to find a free shipping code and it saved us around $9!  Seems small but it adds up, trust me.  So next time you're doing some online shopping head over to http://www.retailmenot.com/ and plug in the address of the page you are buying items from.  Just might save you some money!!

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