35 weeks at Country USA!

I can't believe I am already 35 weeks along!  I swear this has been the fastest 9 months of my life and before we know it our little one is going to be here.  I'm sure when that day comes time will go by even faster as our little baby grows up.  Here is my big belly at Country USA....just a little bit muddy from the rain!!

This week was also the big festival Country USA in Oshkosh.  My parents have pretty much gone every year since I can remember and they sit in the VIP section - which means meals, drinks, and seats included!  My dad is always gracious enough to let me go with my mom on the days I want to (also because I think it gives him a break!).  So this year I went on Tuesday to see Miranda Lambert and Friday to see my favorite country band Rascal Flatts!!  Eric Church played right before Miranda and I thought he was pretty good.  He had a lot more songs that I knew that I didn't realize were his and then Miranda was awesome.  I love that she is a very low key woman with a strong personality.  She wasn't even announced to come on stage, she just walked out in the dark and started singing right away.  Unfortunately the rain kept pouring down and eventually lightning started so she was forced to finish early.  Did I also mention that my parents seats are in like the 7th row??!!!?!

Rascal Flatts was Friday night and by far the best act I saw!  Adam designed me a shirt that said Littlest Rascal Flatts Fan to wear and I got lots of comments on it.  I'm sure in the back of his mind he really didn't want to make it since he isn't a country fan at all!!!  Here are some of the great shots I got of Rascal Flatts.

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