Baby's Room

We just about have baby's room complete.  All that we have left to do is put together some of the larger items and put away some of the smaller items and clothes.  Then we pretty much just need baby to arrive to enjoy the room!  We didn't want to choose any particular theme for the room so instead we just chose colors and worked around those.  The colors are chocolate brown, aqua blue, lime green, and a soft lime green.  I absolutely love the way the room turned out and it has become my favorite room in our house!

I love the caption above the crib.  Thanks Grandma Downs!

 This is the adorable blanket Grandma VandeBrink made for baby!
  It has the baby's two best friends on it, Chloe and Chopper!

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  1. The room looks AWESOME! I love the colors and pictures of Chloe and Chopper.