Adventures in Baby Food

I decided to start making and freezing some baby food to prepare for when Aubrey starts eating food. It is the perfect time to make food with fresh vegetables being in season (it also helps that my family has a vegetable and fruit stand so I got lots of these for free!) It actually is VERY easy to make baby food. Depending on the type of vegetable or fruit, you either bake, boil. or steam and then puree. Here are some photos of the squash I recently made. I have also made green beans, apples, peaches, and sweet potatoes. Next to make includes peas, carrots, and a mixture of sweet potatoes with apples. Hopefully in a few months Aubrey enjoys all of these!!!

It's really easy to store the baby food in ice cube trays.  I froze mine and then stored in freezer ziploc bags until Aubrey is ready to try them!

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