Great Promotions!!!

Being at home with my sweet little girl really was the best three and a half months I've had.  It really made me appreciate the time I was able to spend with her watching her grow and her little personality sprout.  Of course I knew that there would be a day I would need to return to work...and that day did come this week Tuesday.  It was hard leaving her but her day care is so great that I feel good about her being there.  It did however, make me realize just how much some day I would love to be a stay at home mommy with her and our future kiddos. 

Because of this it really has inspired me to push harder on my personal business, Blue Couture Design, LLC.  I recently have had the opportunity to connect with two individuals who own giveaway/review blogs and I'm currently being featured on both of them!!!  Right now if you go to The Robin's Nest she is doing a review of a child's wall decal that I made for her and you have several chances to sign up and you could win $20 to spend in my etsy shop.  Pretty cool...and depending on what you choose, you could get a few items!  Then if you head on over to The Married Life on both their blog and facebook page are promoting the 25 days to Christmas Shopping Guide and in it they feature wall decals and jewelry rolls from my shop at must haves this holiday season!  Pretty cool!  Check it out (and help support me being a future stay at home mommy)!!!

I'm also doing a little makeover on my etsy shop, adding better quality photos of my items as well as a new logo and business cards!  Thanks to my awesome husband at Downs Art for creating my new logo.  I love it!!

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