5 months old

Wow, it has been one fast month!!!  Today our little peanut is 5 months old!  This month she is even more in love with Chopper and her daddy!  She is always her happiest when she is around them.  She has begun eating vegetables, most of which she likes but a few she isn't so sure about.  She tried out swimming and LOVED it!  We definitely have a little fish on our hands which should make for some fun times this summer out on Grandpa and Grandma Downs' pontoon boat.  Aubrey has also learned how to roll over and she is pretty proud of herself when she does it.  I think my favorite thing about this past month is that Aubrey's personality is really starting to shine.  She is such a little ham and goofball and even her day care teachers say the same thing.  She is always making the funniest faces and silly noises and she even cracks herself up.  We just might have a little class clown on our hands.

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