7 months old

Where did my little baby go??? Aubrey is now 7 months old and it is so very evident within these past few weeks that she is getting older. This month she has learned to talk A LOT with her favorite and most common one being "da da". The teachers at day care have even commented how happy and silly she is when she babbles. She has decided she is too old to be swaddled at night and also doesn't stay on her back anymore. She immediately flips to her tummy and we have even noticed she likes to spend more time playing on her tummy and even rocking on her hands and knees. Crawling might be sooner than I am ready for! She still loves eating food and now that includes puffs that she feeds herself and she is even working on drinking out of a sippy cup. I know...so grown up already! Aubrey's giggles have also become cuter and more frequent these days and of course I can't resist trying to get them out every day.

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