On the pontoon

Aubrey and I were finally able to get out on the pontoon boat with Grandma and Grandpa Downs a few weekends back.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, which made Aubrey's first boat ride that much better.  Her immediate reaction to the boat seemed to be scared, as she sat there frozen.

As we cruised to Norwegian Bay we passed several birds in the water which peeked Aubrey's interest and got her very excited.  Once we threw the anchor out, she was ready to get in the water!  She loves splashing around with Grandma and throwing the frisbee back and forth with Grandpa.


We then stopped and picked up the Henslins and Sadie.  Aubrey thought it was so much fun to have a puppy on board with us!

Looking forward to many more pontoon rides next summer!  And hopefully next time daddy can join us!!

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