2 Years Old!

Wow 2 years old, how is that possible?  Here is a self portrait of our adorable 2 year old and some updates on what she likes and what makes Aubrey, Aubrey!

Likes: pancakes, peanut butter and jelly, sweet corn on the cob, popcorn, marshmallows, macaroni and cheese, practically any kind of fruit, Doc McStuffins, Princarella (Princess Cinderella), all Disney Princesses, Minnie Mouse, Clifford, campfires, swimming, singing, dancing, playing games, helping at the vegetable stand, taking photos with our phones, and shopping(already...uh oh!).

I'm so amazed at how well and grown up she talks! I swear sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a 10 year old!  We are working on potty training and that is going extremely well!  For some reason she likes to go even more when we are away from home, but I will take it as a start.  Aubrey is excited to get a little brother or sister and already has guessed it will be a boy.  Either way she says we are naming the baby Kendu! 

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