Our Minnie is 2!

We celebrated Aubrey's 2nd birthday a day early with all of our family.  The day really couldn't have been much better than it was.  Well ok, it did down pour an hour before the party and all throughout the party which made us move it inside, but otherwise it was perfect!  This year was a Minnie Mouse theme for our little Minnie and I think I had just as much fun watching her as she had enjoying the party!  Grandma VandeBrink did an awesome job with all the decorations and I made the cake!



Grandma VandeBrink even made this Minnie Mouse dress for Aubrey.  She loved it!

The pedal car that Daddy painted and cleaned up for Aubrey.  Here she is taking her first ride with her Doc McStuffins doll.

Aubrey loved having everyone sing to her.  When we asked her how old she was she yelled two! I was actually surprised she got it right because all week she kept telling people she was going to be 4.  I asked her why she wanted to be 4 and she told me it was because she wanted to be big!

Checking out her new backpack on her awesome Minnie Mouse couch that Uncle Josh gave her.


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