Almost 5 months later!

So almost 5 months since my last post and wow has a lot happened!!!  Here is a very very quick recap on the last 5 months.  And here is to hoping I can update this more frequently now!

We took Aubrey to her first ever movie theatre movie, Frozen.  She ate a lot, and I mean A LOT of popcorn and was pretty quiet throughout the entire movie.  I'm pretty sure she was completely enamored with it!

Baby Downs was due on November 23rd but that day came and went, so did Thanksgiving, and finally on December 3rd, after being induced...Adilyn Ann made her debut!  Our beautiful little girl was a spitting image of her big sister (more details in another post all about Adilyn!). 

We had an amazing Christmas with both girls.  Sophia the elf on the shelf made her debut at our house and she sure did keep Aubrey busy in the morning searching for her and also kept Aubrey on her best behavior so that Sophia didn't need to report back to Santa!

Santa was very good to everyone this year, especially Miss Aubrey.  Aubrey was very excited to see the new princess Jeep Santa left near the tree for her and even attempted to drive it in the house.

We spent New Year's Eve at home with my parents and it felt like old times when I was a little kid!  Aubrey had so much fun eating the snacks and staying up late (til 10).

Aubrey started 2 1/2 year old preschool at the end of January and to say she loves it would be an understatement.  On her very first day she had no reservations about me leaving, probably cause her buddy Jack was there, but then when I got there to pick her up she informed me that she was not going home! 

We celebrated Adilyn's baptism with our immediate families and had some great food following.  We even had a surprise guest, my Uncle Brent who was home visiting from Arizona. 

I went back to work after maternity leave in early March.......insert super sad face here.  The girls are left each day in loving hands of my mom though so that definitely makes it a little easier to leave.

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