Midwest Horse Fair

The Midwest Horse Fair is something I look forward to every year.  Unfortunately this year the weather wasn't quite the greatest as there was a mix of rain, sleet, and snow but luckily most of the things we wanted to do were inside the buildings.  One of the trainers we spent some time watching is Tommie Turvey, who specializes in trick training and has been in several blockbuster movies with his horses.  He also had his dogs along and was showing some pretty cool tricks they could do with the horses.

Think I could get Chloe or Chopper to sit on top of Tracin like this????

Photo courtesy of Tommie Turvey website

One of the other attractions at the fair each year is the Priefert Percherons.  I have always loved Percherons and would love to have one some day.  They are just such beautiful strong horses.  Take a look at a video I took of them at the fair.

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