Happy 8 months!

Another month come and gone so quickly.  Aubrey is now 8 months old and I have to say, the last two months have been my favorite to spend with her.  Her personality is shining the brightest I have ever seen it!  She has shown this past month that she picks up on things very quickly and has let her silly sense of humor show daily! 

A few highlights from the past month for Aubrey: has learned how to wave hi and bye (thanks for teaching her Jack!), gives high fives, giggles at herself, makes her day care teachers laugh daily, eating lots of new food and still loving ice cream, saying "Da Da" all the time, is still doing awesome at swim class, and loves to share her toys, especially with Chloe.  She has been spending lots of time outside in the beautiful, non-March like weather and went swinging at the park with Jack.  She has also taken her first few crawls, although it seems that she has found rolling or scooting around to be easier. Oh and one of my favorites...has just started to say "Ma Ma".

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