Vacation time

I really hate it when I go on vacation and after it think, that was great, but just not long enough! This was one of those times. We took Aubrey to her first waterpark in the dells, the Kalahari. This was also our first time staying at this resort. We couldn't get over how much stuff there is to do there. You really could stay an entire week and never even leave the resort.

We had a great time in the kiddie water park and Aubrey had so much fun going down the slides and chilling in baby lazy river.  She wasn't too sure what to think of the wave pool...I'm sure it was a little big and scary compared to the pools she is used to.

A highlight of the trip was Aubrey's first taste of ice cream.  I can say she is clearly a Downs and LOVES ice cream!!!! I left her try some of my blue moon and she couldn't get enough.

Before we left we stopped at the bowling alley at the resort,  I did not bowl so well but Adam did pretty good.  Aubrey was very interested when he would throw the ball!

Aubrey and Daddy...with the same little grin!

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