Happy 9 months!

Another month, come and gone soooo quickly, but with each of those passing months my heart grows bigger for this amazing little girl!  I feel like I write this everytime, but she really is growing up so much.  Here are some highlights from the month and new things Aubrey has learned.  She has moved up to the Mini Minnow room at daycare and absolutely loves crawling after all the other babies.  That's right, she crawls...everywhere and FAST!  She started crawling just shortly after turning 8 months and since then she is into everything.  Her nickname as of late, besides Peanut, is Monster!  She isn't a true naughty  monster, just a cute and curious one.  She also can pull herself up now, which is how we find her most mornings in her crib.  The first tooth has finally popped out and it's just in time because Aubrey wants to eat everything we do.  Aubrey loves making strange noises, waving, hugging Chloe, dancing, riding her Mickey car, and singing!

Hugs and kisses for Chloe!

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  1. Sending my Love, to my favorite singing partner. La...la....la....la...
    From Grandma Gail