Memorial Day

We had such a great Memorial Day weekend.  It was so nice to get an extra day to the weekend, but of course it all went by so quickly!  We started our weekend out with a bike ride to test out the new carrier.  This was an early birthday present for Aubrey from Grandma and Papa VandeBrink.  As you can see she looks very cozy and didn't really know what to think of it at first.  I think she enjoyed the ride though and spent most of the time just taking it all in!

Saturday we spent some time over at my parents house where she got to play with her cousins Ryan and Nathan.  She got right in there when they were playing with the matchbox cars and she even came home with two of them, a pink and a purple one.  I'm not too surprised that the boys gave those up so she could have them!   From there we spent the evening with great friends and had a cookout.  Aubrey got to spend some time with Jack and they didn't quite care for each other until they started sharing snacks! 

Sunday we got to spend more time with family with another cookout for Amanda's birthday.  I can't believe she is 25 already, that means I am .... getting too old!  Aubrey tried a hamburger and loved it but not as much as the birthday cake though!  She had a great time showing off for everyone how she can stand on her own and walk with a walker.

On Monday we headed to Menomonee Park and had a great day!  We walked around inside zoo and Aubrey was fascinated by all the new kinds of animals.  We aren't sure if she really understood what they were or if she just thought they were different kinds of dogs.  When she points to our dogs she always says "dee-da" and that is exactly what she said when she pointed to all the new animals.  After the zoo we headed over to the water and enjoyed some time relaxing.  Before heading home we stopped at Leon's and grabbed some ice cream.  Aubrey and I shared some and it was just what we all needed after a hot day!

I hope you all had just as great of a Memoral Day weekend as we did!

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