10 Months

10 months already! That means she will be 1 before I even know it, time to plan that party!!!  Within the past month Aubrey has grown up even more.  She is walking all over the place with her walker and along the furniture and stands for quite a while on her own without holding anything.  Sadly, my baby is going to be walking and even more independent very soon.  One of her favorite things to do is spend time outside, she even cries when you bring her in.  She loves playing with and watching the dogs.  Aubrey loves to tickle Chloe when she is sleeping on the floor and she gets a kick out of watching Chopper flay fetch with the frisbie.  She will eat ANYTHING you put in front of her, and as long as you keep putting food there she will keep shoveling it in!  She has also learned that she can reach the dogs when she is in her high chair.  She doesn't always feed them, but actually likes to tease them.  She will hold a piece of food in her fist tightly so they can smell it and will lick her hand but can't quite get it out of her hand.  She is a big helper in the morning with the dogs too, she gives Chloe her treat and helps close up the kennel door.  Aubrey's vocabulary is growing, it is still babbling mostly but she has learned to use n's and b's as well.  Just like every other month, she still loves to sing, dance, and make US laugh! 

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  1. Life is so special now that sweet little Aubrey's is in it!