Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July!  I realize it has been a very busy summer and I haven't gotten a chance to update this much at all...that will come another day.  For the first time since we've moved to Oshkosh (5 years ago!) we stayed in town for the day. 

The day started with pancakes, which Aubrey loved.  I didn't get a picture of her, but I made her a tiny pancake and she just held in and took bites off it smiling and cracking herself up! 

After lunch we headed to Pollock Pool.  The heat was unreal...in the mid 90's so this was the perfect afternoon activity.  Aubrey loved hanging out in the pool and relaxing on the lazy river. 

After cooling off in the pool we headed to Leon's to get some yummy ice cream.  Unfortunately Aubrey had too much fun at the pool and fell asleep on the short ride so no ice cream for her.

We spent the afternoon watching the Brewers and being very lazy!  We put Aubrey to bed at her normal time and then woke her up around 9 so we could head to Menominee Park to watch the fireworks.  We weren't sure how she would react so we were prepared with lots of toys and snacks and decided if she didn't like them we'd just head back home.  I think at first she was more confused as to why she was awake and why it was so dark outside.  Once the fireworks started she didn't seem overly excited but she seemed to still enjoy them.  Most of the time she was busy putting her sippy cup cover on and off over and over again but every few fireworks she would point to them and make a cute sound. 

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