Aubrey is ONE!

That is right, one! Where did the last year of my life go?  It has been such a fun adventure having this little girl in our lives.  With being one comes being a toddler and I can definitely say Aubrey is no longer a "baby".  Crawling pretty much doesn't happen anymore, it's more like she attempts to run now.  She is so independent with just about everything in life. I hope this sticks with her when it's time to date (in like 20 years!).  She is very girly, silly, and loving.  I love when she makes herself laugh, or knows when she is doing something and gives you this look like she is waiting for you to laugh.  She loves to give hugs and kisses, to us, to her daycare teachers, to her friends at daycare, to the dogs, to everyone! She truly is a joy to be around and we have so much fun laughing! Aubrey has also started to test us with things she knows she shouldn't do, and I know it's only begun! Our favorite activities this summer so far have been spending lots of time outside in water and a trip to the zoo!

 Happy 1st birthday to my sweet baby girl.

Be thankful these are your cousins! This is how I felt with two brothers growing up!  Just kidding, love you guys!!!  A cool side note, the age difference between these three is almost the same as it was with my brothers and I.

Her purple pedal tractor from Papa and Grandma Gail!

Big "sister" Haveah giving Aubrey a ride.

Not quite enough wind to blow out the candle!

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