A Day at the Zoo

A few days before Aubrey turned one, we took the day off work and enjoyed a relaxing day at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  We got there around 11:30am and had a picnic lunch before heading in to see all the animals.  Aubrey had a fun time eating outside in her booster seat but she was very distracted by all the people and cars going by.

This summer they have a special dinosaur exhibit you can go see.  The dinosaurs are interactive and move and make noise, once even squirts water at you.  We thought it was pretty cool....Aubrey was not impressed.  I guess it is a good thing dinosaurs are extinct!

She did have a great time checking out all the alive animals though.  The elephants were one of her favorites.  We even got a mold-a-rama of the elephant!  Do you guys remember those when we were kids??? Those machines have been around forever.

We also learned how to drink out of the bubbler....she LOVED this!

Another highlight was watching the lion, or as Aubrey calls, the kitty.  It came right up to the glass where Aubrey was standing too. She looked a little scared at first but then got very excited.

She loved feeding the goats so much that she wanted to give them hugs!

And of course you can't leave without getting ice cream.  I'm teaching her how to lick the ice cream instead of bite it.

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