Time to catch up!

It's time to get back in the swing of things!  I have neglected this blog for quite a few months but want to be sure I update it more often so I can remember all the fun times we have with our little Peanut.  Here is a very quick recap of things we have done since I've last written.

This was the first year since we've been in our house that we didn't host a Halloween party for our friends.  It was mostly in part to trying to get our house sold and also because we were leaving that weekend to go to San Francisco!  We still did celebrate though.  For trick or treating Aubrey was a bumble bee...a very over tired and grumpy bumble bee!  She then had a party at school and got to wear her other costume, the monkey which she was much more happy in and it definitely fit her personality more.  So why two costumes?  I was lazy this year and opted to buy instead of make her costume.  I got both of these costumes at a used kid store for less than half of what I spent to make her lion costume last year!

We had a great time in November vacationing in San Francisco with the Henslins for a long weekend.  We stayed in the Fisherman's Wharf and got to do lots of sight seeing.  We rode bikes across the Golden Gate bridge on the foggiest day we were there!  But then the following day we took a movie sight tour and were able to see the beautiful bridge with a clear blue sky.  We ate lots and LOTS of seafood, rode the trolley, watched the sea lions, and toured Alcatraz.  Then on our last day there we rented a car and drove down the shoreline and even stopped in San Jose on our way back up to visit some of the Henslin's friends from college.  The drive was absolutely beautiful!


The rest of November flew by and it was already Christmas!  Aubrey stopped in at Blush Pictures to meet Santa. Here she is waiting to see Santa, very excited and kept pointing to him saying his name.
Then here she is once it was her turn to sit by him and have her picture taken!

We had Aubrey's first Christmas pageant for daycare.  Her class just walked around the church while Christmas music played but she looked so grown up walking with her teacher Katie.  She even waved at the Grandparents as she walked past them.
We had such a fun Christmas this year with Aubrey.  She got so excited opening her gifts and even enjoyed watching others open theirs.  She got lots of great new toys and clothes and even got a table and chairs set.  She has spent lots of time at that table playing with friends who come over, coloring, and enjoying her afternoon snack.  Not to forget the abundance of Minnie Mouse toys she got.  She absolutely loves Minnie Mouse so she was overly excited with all these toys! 
Santa brought Aubrey a drum set this year which she loved!  She sat down at the stool and started banging away.  It won't be long before she is big enough to really bang on daddy's drum set.


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