Pin it or Forget it? Cleaning your top loading washer

I never even thought of the need to clean a washing machine until I saw this pin on cleaning your top loading washing machine.  After the mud runs I did have some really nasty stuff going through our washing machine so I figured I'd give this a shot.

Here is what you do: Fill you washer with the hottest water and pour in 4 cups bleach.  Let this sit for 1 hour and then run the machine through a wash cycle.  Refill with hottest water and pour in 4 cups vinegar.  Let this sit for 1 hour.  While it is sitting take a rag and dip it in the water.  Use this to clean the outside, top, door, etc of the washer.

This is my gross dirty washer, please don't judge me!

Here is what should happen: The cycle of bleach will kill any bacteria that currently exists in your washing machine.  The cycle of vinegar removes any of the funky odors that might exist and makes everything sparkle, in and out.

What really happened: Exactly what it says is supposed to happen.  Look at my much cleaner washing machine and it smells so clean too!  I will admit I peaked into the washer while the bleach was inside and it was going through the rinse part of the cycle.  I was absolulutely disgusted at how much dirt I saw floating around in the water.  That means that dirt has been floating around in the water with my "clean" clothes.  Yuck!

The Verdict: Pin It! Now!

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