20 Months

Aubrey is 20 months old already!   I'm not quite sure how that is even possible actually. 

At 20 months some of Aubrey's interests are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dancing, coloring, any art projects, horses, hot dogs, playing outside in the snow, kitties, puzzles, reading books, playing pretend play with food, playing with her friends at school, especially Adie, breakfast and jumping and playing at Monkey Joe's!

A few months ago she gave up her nuk....whoo hooo!!!  If you ask her what her name is she will tell you Aubrey Downs (and Adam and I are Mommy Downs and Daddy Downs).   Her favorite foods include ketchup...or as she calls it checkup, or really any kind of dip, pancakes, pizza, fruit, pretzels, and mac and cheese.  Even though we haven't started swimming lessons this year she has shown an interest in learning.  In the bathub she lays down on her tummy and kicks her legs and moves her arms to swim.  She can count up to 6 on her own.  She enjoys helping out anytime she can, especially with washing dishes.  She loves to be chased around and recently has shown a big interest in singing.  She actually made me tear up one day in the car when I heard her singing along with her frog to Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Here are some of her pics from Blush Pictures back when she turned 18 months!  Aubrey was so silly while we were there. There were crabby faces and cries/whines at times but then there were lots of smiles and giggles!

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