May already?

I'm not exactly sure how 2 months just flew by!  Lots to update since the last time.  To avoid writing a book, here is what we've been up to since March.
  • We had a fun Easter! Aubrey had a blast finding Easter eggs and all the little animals inside  them!
  • The other bridesmaids and I threw a bridal shower for Amanda and she got lots of nice gifts!
  • Aubrey attended her last day of daycare. She had a great day but for me it was very emotional! I cried when I dropped her off and again when I picked her up. The love and care she has been given while she attended there has meant a lot to us!
  • We moved out of our house on April 12th
  • Two miniature horses and 3 kittens were born at Grandma and Papa's house.
  • I traveled for work to LA and Detroit
  • I had a great time at Amanda's bachelorette party with some great girls!
  • I celebrated Mother's day by not changing a single diaper. Thanks Adam!!!
  • I brought in these to work to announce that we are expecting baby #2 in November!
  • And we spent a weekend in Madison with Kyle and Theresa!

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