32 Weeks

Time goes so much faster when you're pregnant with your second baby! I remember with Aubrey taking photos every few months of my belly and recording a lot more of how I was feeling.  Now that I have a two year old to chase around after, not so much time to do these things.  This is the first photo I've taken of my belly!  (Ok second, we just did maternity pictures with Blush and I can't wait to see those!).  So here is my belly at 32 weeks.  I decided to put on the exact same outfit I wore on my 32 weeks picture when I was pregnant with Aubrey....I don't look too much different, other than longer hair and not so much weight gain in my face this time.  My bump this time is a little bit smaller but not too much.  Overall this pregnancy has been fairly easy.  Some nauseousness in the first few months but that went away.  My cravings were all over the board, from cheese to burgers to now anything sweet.  I would say the biggest difference I am noticing this time is that it seems like there is less room in there for baby to move around.  Instead of kicks, I feel more pushing out.  Hopefully that doesn't mean a big baby!

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