Married already???

It really is true that kids say the darndest things.  Here is a conversation that Aubrey had with my mom during the day and then one she had with me right before bed.  Keep in mind, she is 2 years old!

Grandma was working on altering a wedding dress.
Aubrey: I want to grow up and wear a pretty dress and get married.
Grandma: Who are you going to marry?
Aubrey: Daddy
Grandma: But daddy is already married to mommy
Aubrey: I'll marry Jack!

Just before bed after saying goodnight and then kissing my tummy to tell baby goodnight.
Aubrey: Do you want to come live with my friend baby?
Me: Who is your friend you want the baby to live with?
Aubrey: Jack, he's my husband
Then Aubrey giggles and says: I don't think so...I'm just kidding!

Seriously...where does she get this stuff from???

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