11 Months Old!

I realize now that Aubrey will actually be 1 in two weeks but didn't want to miss catching up on some notes of her at 11 months.  I honestly feel like I have a toddler now, instead of a baby.  She started walking, a few steps here and there a week before turning 11 months and now she is all over the place.  She knows it is still quicker to crawl but she has been spending a lot more time walking.  She still loves dancing to any and all music.  Aubrey especially enjoys looking at books lately, she gets so excited when she sees them and loves flipping through the pages.  She has been very independent while playing lately and doesn't want help getting on and off her car and bike.  We are finding all kinds of food that she loves to eat.  Her favorites include blueberries, watermelon, red raspberries (picked from the back yard!), cheese, crackers, macaroni, pizza, and fish.  Still only two teeth in there but it doesn't stop her from eating anything.  I've noticed that she doesn't talk as much as she used to and I'm wondering if its because we are teaching her sign language.  She is doing so well and so far knows more, please, thank you, and all done. It is so cute to see her say please to get food and then thank you after you give her something.

These photos are getting harder and harder to capture of her wearing the month stickers.  To get the one with it actually on her shirt I held the camera and on the count of three Adam quick put the sticker on her.  Otherwise...she would pull it off immediately!  Miss Independent for sure!

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