The Little Farmer

This past weekend we hit up The Little Farmer in Malone, WI with the Moniz family.  The weather was very chilly but it didn't hold us back from having a blast.  The kids enjoyed the hayride and play area.  Aubrey and Jack had a great time running around on the stacked haybails too.  For some reason Jack kept laying down, it was too funny.  From there we stopped to feed the goats and sheep.  This was by far Aubrey's favorite part of the day.  She wasn't afraid to feed them one bit and was even sticking her fingers right in their mouths.  She was also very vocal around them, repeating exactly the noises they make.  I tried to tell Adam that Santa should bring Aubrey a baby goat for Christmas.....but he didn't seem to think that was a good idea.  Before leaving we made sure to get one of the famous caramel apples and we also stopped in the bakery and picked up an apple pie and some muffins.  We had the baked goods the next day for breakfast and dessert and they were both delicious!  I can't wait to take Aubrey back next fall!

Fun on the wagon ride.

Jack was just too sleepy I guess!


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