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It is already fall and I thought I'd see how I'm doing on my list that I started at the beginning of January.  My goal was to complete these things by December 31st, 2012.  I added in a few new items to my list as well.....and not so sure I'm going to complete all of these this year yet! :(

· Sell our house! We really are trying! We tried for a few months selling it on our own but then switched to a realtor.  We've had lots of showings and interest, but no offers yet.  Hopefully soon though because we have found 5 acres of land that we will be purchasing in Ripon very soon. 
üVisit Door County we went camping in mid August!
· Go on a weekend vacation as a family soon we will be heading up North! 
· Tour the breweries in Milwaukee
· Take Aubrey to her first Brewers game I was a little unrealistic with this....she is a one year old toddler, she wouldn't sit at the Brewers game!
üThrow an awesome first birthday party for Aubrey  I like to think that it was an awesome party, I hope everyone else agreed! Check it out here.
ü Drink more water Water is the only thing I drink at work now.
· Post on my blog at least twice a week Working on it.....did I mention I have a one year old?
· Have a date night with Adam at least once a month (but hopefully more often) Definitely need to work on this one! We did go out for our anniversary and did a double date for dinner with some friends. 
üComplete the Warrior Dash
· Run a 5 mile race
· Make at least 2 new recipes a week
· Make my own vanilla extract
· Do craft projects with Aubrey
· Make my home more organized (Thanks to Pinterest) and keep it that way!
· Lose that weight I keep saying I want to Down 10lbs, 20lbs more to go!
· Promote Blue Couture Design LLC more
· Actually read the book club book Kind of a fail at this one, I dropped out of the book club, but for good reason! I am just too swamped with Aubrey and Blue Couture Design LLC to commit my free time to books
üGo to the zoo with Aubrey We went for Aubrey's birthday and she loved it!
·Watch The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Pretty Woman - can you believe I have never seen any of these!? Thanks to my girlfriends we checked off Pretty Woman recently!
·Use my crock pot more often
·Show the people in my life how much I appreciate them more
üBuy a nice camera and learn how to use more than the auto feature Bought the camera, now I just need to learn how to take photos in a setting other than auto!
·Take the dogs for more walks
üComplete the One Tough Cookie race

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